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Dear Friends,

Never before has the role and responsibility of the Judicial Branch of Government been more relevant. Compromising politicians coupled with systems which are plagued with incompetence and corruption has placed many Fulton County citizens in precarious positions and the future of many families in jeopardy.

As your Judge for Fulton County Superior Court, I understand the responsibility you have entrusted to me, and am prepared, committed, and ready to continue to serve you and your family as we overcome the challenges of these trying times together.
When I was first elected sixteen years ago to be your Judge for Fulton County Superior Court, I promised myself and the citizens of Fulton County that every day I sit as your Judge I will serve with humility, respect the rights of those who stand before me indiscriminately, demonstrate reverence for the laws I have taken an oath to uphold, and administer my responsibilities with compassion for the citizens of this county. I am proud to say that for the sixteen years I have served as your judge, I have kept my promise.

As the July 31st Election draws near, I respectfully ask you for your vote. In return, I promise as your Judge, I will continue to serve with wisdom, integrity, and accountability. I will protect your family, your rights, your home, and your community.

Thank you for your support and consideration!

Your Judge,
Jackson Bedford
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